Friday, December 25, 2009

Daily Planner

I'm looking for a good planner for this coming new year. A planner, not an organizer or a diary okay! They are three different things!

I've been looking at the stationary store at my area and none, I couldn't find any. Well actually there's one type but it is not for my type. (Does it sound out of line now? haha!)

Anyway, I'm still hoping to find one when I get back to Shah Alam. I bet Kinokuniya has it all. Can't wait to go there. I hope it's not too late because new year is approaching, and to all those people who are after the planners too, kindly please leave at least one, just one for me! Owh please!

I'm a sucker for the beautifully and colorful designed stuff so it's not easy for me to find one. haha. But I'm sure I'll find one. Erm, I'm talking about the planner of course!

I was browsing through the net and I found these which are so my type!

Look at it, such a beauty!

or this! the color is just marvelous! and these are just the cover,
what about the inside look?

very colorful indeed! err, but i think this is pretty too much,
let's try something simpler....

like this one! this is one is better.
the simplicity makes it a perfect planner!
owh i love it!

Owh, where can I find any kind of this type of planner? Any idea? Do share okay.

And I found this cool planner for teachers. I'm not sure how it works, but I think to all my dear friends who are going to do practicum, you guyz should try download it. Click here.

Really looking forward to find a good planner, with the beautiful design too of course. hehe. I really hope they are not out of stock because I'd be very frustrated and I would make a scene in the store which not really a good thing. Or I'd make the staffs over there to recheck over and over and all over again until they'll come out with the planner that I want. Pretty much not giving them any other choice but to give me what I want. They have to remember, "Customers are always right!" LOL!

Or else I would end up something like this,

err... -_-"


  1. Salaam, I love stationery! There are so many gorgeous planners, always used to buy a different one each year :)

    Come and visit my blog at

  2. kalo beli tu, jgn lupe beli kat aku skali

  3. durrah, i got mine at kinokuniya.. they always have the coolest ones.. practical yet very very stylish.. it's a bit pricey but it's worth the money.. u should check them out..

  4. jana, okay. i thot ur blog has the collection planner or something, but obviously it's a cool blog about hijab styling. thanx!

    hana, say what??? eheh.

    aimi, wah, very expensive eh? let's see how it goes la nanti. and i hope it's not running out of stock!!!!!!! i'm only going back there this 31st! *biting fingers*