Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Material Little Girl

One day, one of my nieces, Safiah Hani kept on singing this line of a song.
" 'Cause we are living in material world, and I am material girl, lalalalalalalaaa~"

This niece of mine, she has a bit of character, which makes it very interesting to know her in depth. haha. Sounds like I'm doing a case study on her but nahh. I'm just trying to figure her out. Or maybe it is? haha. So what?

Safi, that's what we all call her, she's the princess in her family. Well, don't think it as a good thing, but think it on the other way. She annoys everyone especially my mother! Gosh, I literally can see smoke coming from my mom's ears everytime she looked at my niece. Everything that Safi does, always seems to be wrong in my mom's eyes. But when it comes to other niece, let say Iman Qistina, my mom would never do that. Yeah, you know it right. Say it or you can spell it?
That's right!

Okay, let's not go to that issue. The focus here, Safi's attitude.

She likes to dress up in fancy clothes and would classify things into two things. "barang orang kaya" and "barang orang miskin". At first I was like WTFish? But now, I'm used to it.

My mother and her dislike each other. But when I think of my other niece such as dik Iman, she's a spoiled too, but my mother seems to favor her. Probably because dik Iman is always around at our home. Yeah, that could be the reason.

So, I had this conversation with Safi one day;

Me: Safi, do you really want to be rich?
: Yes! (her eyes almost popped out when she said it)
Me: Is that so, erm, so you should marry a rich guy one day or maybe anak raja or something.
Safi: Wow! (her eyes were shining)
Me: Marry anak raja la, so I'll be famous too. And you'll stay in a palace where you will become a real princess. You don't have to do the chores and you'll stay beautiful like ever!
Safi: That sounds so good la makdik! (she put her both of her hands under her chin looked like she's imagining what I'd told her)

I couldn't stand but to laugh all the way to see her actions like that but I managed to cover it up. But I had to stop the conversation before anything bad happen or maybe she's already digested whatever I'd told her which means it was too late already. haha. I kinda enjoyed messing with her mind. teehee.

Wonder how she looks like, here's a picture of her posing using her big sis's phone.

She said she wants to keep her long so she'll look very pretty.
Note that she is so into herself.
Her siblings are sometimes sick of her self-absorptive.
Imagine how my mom feels about it? That explains right? haha.

Everytime we took pictures together, she likes to complain that I look fairer than her and it's not fair. haha. Well Safi, I can't help with it. huhu.

But I like this picture of us posing in a kind of bimbotic manner. hee. So, here it is.

I think this one is not that bimbo, but when to look at it, people would say,
"hey, like aunt like niece!"


  1. "like aunt like niece"
    so, ingat2 la, mu mase kecik gni jgk,,,hihi

  2. ahaha. thanx ken! akanku ingat sampai biler2. huhu.