Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Baby's Names

I am very excited when talking about having children. My own children of course.

But let's see first. To have a baby, we must go through a marriage first just to have legal sex afterwards. Woohoo! Okay, let's not go to that extend, shall we.

Then, let's have babies! Boy, I'm so into this!

Since, I'm so single right now, I can't imagine any guy to have my baby with. ahem.

So, back to the back up plan, adopting a child!

Alright, so I'm planning to adopt a child in the near future? This is quite crazy. Why? Because I'm still young? Well, that's not quite a good reason. I'd love to become a mother at young age. I think this way I'll become more responsible towards everything in my life and appreciate my family even more.

Sounds almost nonsense, but that's the truth. And I really want to do this. I need to work hard from now on, for that.

Hey, guess what, I even have already come out with names for my babies. Ehe. Quite dramatic but it's really fun doing it. Okay, you can call me loser, pathetic or whatever, cause I don't mind!

So, I decided to adopt a baby girl and the possible name that I could come out with is Kayla Zara. Kayla means the wise child and Zara, you know one of the famous collections around here.

If it ever will happen to me to have another child in my life which I hope it's a boy this time, I'd name him Khalief Ferdous. I'm in love with the name Khalief! Khalief means the leader and Ferdous is the name of paradise. So, come together, the leader of the paradise, something like that.

Guess, I'm in love with K all the way! The names of the babies are the proof.

For those who think it is nonsense, well think again, or maybe you should try doing this.

Take sometime and come out with the list of names. You'll be very excited to have babies one day or maybe ask your girlfriends or boyfriends to get married right away! Haha. Well, that maybe too much. I got too carried away. Ehe.

Happy naming your babies! ;D


  1. this is so cute.. and those are definitely two beautiful baby names.. :)

  2. eh aimi, i notice you from facebook. ehe.
    erm, thanx. and thank you too for reading my lame blog. =)

  3. hehe.. no biggie.. ur blog is so not lame.. i like ur writings.. keep it up :)

    and once u've started practicum, be sure to blog about it ok? i bet u'll have interesting experience to share :)

  4. i hv also considered adopting in the future :)
    go girl!!

  5. aimi, thank u! thank u! that is very inspiring! =)
    and yeah, surely, i will blog about it! so excited about it too but at the same time very nervous! wahaha! ;D

    thanx again. :)

    tasha, hey hey! thanx! and u go too girl! =)