Sunday, December 6, 2009

Green is the new red!

When talking about the green color, what's coming into your mind?

Vegetables, grasses, off-you-go traffic light color, and what else?

My mind can't thing of any other cool green stuffs at the moment.

Wait, maybe...

The Incredible Hulk?
He's a tough man but has some anger management issue.

So, what else?

Hey, come on! Have anyone ever forgotten about this one....

Yeah, ka-ching! ($_$)v
And of course if it's Malaysian currency,
it's only RM5 note is green

Is money everything to you?

I'd say, money is very important in our life!

Face the truth, can we survive without money? If you ask me, you know what's the answer.

Yes, yes, I know I know, people might say I'm materialistic or whatever, but let's face it again, can we survive without money?

I don't think so, mate!

How to earn a lot of money???

WORK HARD laa. I don't believe in easy money. Easy come, easy go. As simple as that.

But this is not my main concern right now, cause I just want to say that green is the new red! Haha.

I'm in love with green, apparently.

I remember in the movie, "A Confession of a Shopaholic", the green scarf remember????

Yeah, it just looks good in any colors accept for yellow! Don't wear green with yellow! PLEASE!
It's just killing me, to see the combination. The movie proves me right.

So, I'm looking for a classy green clutch, but still fail to find one, the one which suits my soul. :D

But hey, I ended up buying a green purse, instead. Haha. I was thinking that it'd be a difference if I carry green purse instead of any other dull color such as beige, gray of maybe black or brown?

Anyway, I loike it a lot!

Here it is,

Say hye to my new baby!

Never mean to be pretentious, but I just want to share something new with others.

Having to carry a green would be something really odd for some people, but I'd tell you not to be afraid, there's nothing wrong to try new things and after all, it's not a crime too (but if you wear something Lady Gaga for instance, it's a fashion crime!). Tee hee.

So, if you see me carrying this new baby of mine, please say HI. =)

On the other hand.....

dunno why, this is my first time wearing green.

and yeah, ahem...
do we look good together,
eh wait! i mean do we look good in green?

(note: he's my classmate and single)


  1. chantekk gilaa!!
    sumpah i suka sangat!
    pretty to the maxx!
    go green!
    i pun tgh smgt green smpena pemergian my green buddy, stewie :)
    take care dear!

  2. ehee. green looks so sweet!
    eh, biler nak tayang beg u neh????

  3. I like green!! My friend said green is hingus! But I still love green! :)

  4. hingus? yeksss!!!! what about brown then? hahaha! go green! =)