Thursday, December 24, 2009

For The Practicum (Part 1)

This is a kind of picture heavy post.

Today, I went to the stationery store and bought quite a lot of stuff for my practicum.

So, basically below are the pictures of the stuff that I bought:

LOTS of pen needed just in case if your students forget
to bring their pens!

a very long ruler (30cm), liquid paper, and eraser,
the basic stuff.

mechanical pencil and the leads
(well, you can actually look at the picture and cud tell what are they,
but i still feel like telling.huhu)

these glues are important okay! take note please. huu.

and then this, you know what it is.

a stapler and the staples

pita selefon and paper clips

this is very important! a pair of good scissors!
and of course the exam pad.

haa, this one is cute,
put everything in this so-called pencil case.

looking good! but more to come! ^^

but not to forget this one okay! =D

Since this school that I'm going is still using the traditional teaching aid which is the blackboard, so I don't need to buy markers. Yeay!

Wait, did I tell you yet which school that I'm going to do my practicum?

Well, the school is SMJKC Chung Hwa Klang! Yeah, it's a Chinese school.

I know I'll be having a whole lot of brand new experience and I'm so looking forward for it. huhu.

I got to list down other things to buy, huuuu. Quite tiring okay!

I think this is it for now. I'll update anything new later okay.

Gosh, so tired right now, I think I'm going to hit the sack.



  1. waa~ bnyak nye
    even yaya x terfikir pon nk beli..tq Durrah..hahaa~^^

  2. ehe. same2. ni idea yaya la ni ambik gamba, kite da terikut tau. huhu.

  3. hahahaha..ala besh ape. nnt dah abis prac kalo tgk balik..mesti kite wat komen sendiri ttg gambo tuh :p

  4. cam preparation nk masuk darjoh satu jek..haks

  5. don't forget whiteboard markers.. i bought tons of colourful ones.. during my practicum, i used them a lot.. and i found it an interesting way to get the students attention and they actually learn better.. it's a type of stimuli.. let's say i was explaining to them the stages or steps of writing a paragraph, for each step i used a different colour and the students remember it easier.. plus, i lend it to them when it comes to doing mind maps and stuff. they enjoy being able to use colours instead of only black, blue and red.. hehe :p

  6. yaya, eheheheee. betol tuh. best plak. huhu. =D

    ken, darjah satu mane gune pen okay! ;P

    aimi! ehe. firhan told me the school is still using blackboard, but i guess, maybe i shud buy some later just in case. huhu. ;D

    thanx you for commenting guyz! =)

  7. ye la ye la. tp at least chalks are free, tayah beli. huhu.

  8. whoa... chung hwa? ni hao! hehe.
    all the best!